segunda-feira, setembro 11, 2006

Más interpretações

Tinha muitas musicas que podia colocar aqui, agora. Algumas até tinha mesmo vontade de colocar, mas as letras... não queria que fosse mal interpretado por causa da ideia que essas letras transmitem. E é melhor dar algum descanso a mal-entendidos.

Por isso escolhi esta musica. Soul Storm, de Patrice, no botão do play ali à direita.

Now we’re walking down an alley
Now I’m talking spiritually
We got one eye on the future
and the other on our money
And all our feeling goes dead,
when we switch on that channel.
So over fed with the terrible flannel
Try to switch off my head
Use my soul instead
So I’ll get ahead of these things
I said

There’s a soul
A soulstorm everywhere
It’s a everywhere
A soulstorm everywhere

I was taught that talk is cheap
and I have learned that love is deep
God gave me my soul to keep
So I talk love a whole big heap
And I will not point a finger
for it is timeless and will linger
I keep my own words down
so I won’t drown
Repeat one more time, don’t hinder

(Chorus 2x)

Some people might be wondering
Is his head in the clouds
and no ground under him
What the so and so’s he on about
So I’ll just break it down, down (no doubt)
I got up out of bed one misty morning
Found myself sitting there and brainstorming
About how to be true without being corny
Do some soulsstorming
Must be the benefit of the global warming
I realised that there ain’t no harm in
Planting soul and a little farming
Do some soul farming

(Chorus 4x)

(Soul Storm, Patrice)


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